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Daemonia Nymphe lyrics / Στίχοι των Δαιμονία Νύμφη


I created this site because there were no lyrics of Daemonia Nymphe available on the internet, so I decided to do something about it :)

Most of Daemonia Nymphe's lyrics are taken from Orphic Hymns so they are in ancient Greek. Some of them are the translation of Orphic Hymns in modern Greek, and some of them are written by the band members.

Unfortunately, I could not find all of them, so If you know something more, please let me know.

If you have read the Orphics you may notice that the lyrics are not exactly at the same order of the original text and that only a part of the Hymn is taken. So if you find the English translation, it might confuse you a bit.

I'm really happy to see that today, 3/6/2012, the lyrics are available in many sites. That was my purpose.

Enjoy! Thank you for your emails :)

Site created at 1st of July, 2008, updated at 3/6/2012.

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